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"Orange glow" - Midori Sato exhibition by Green flowers Art Galerie

July 11, 2018

From June 28th until July 9th, Kosa Galerie left the space, for the second time in the year, to Green flowers Art Galerie and an amazing new exhibition : "Orange golw" by Midori Sato.


A dressing room filled with colorful dresses, a panoply of high-heeled shoes on shelves, brightly colored flowers: Midori Sato shows us things that every woman wants to see. Yet, when one looks closely at the details of one's work, one sees that the main subject is painted with the contours of abstraction. This abstraction is powerful and energetic, it draws the viewer into the picture.
Midori Sato is staying at the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris for 2017-2018. Orange is the color inspired by the light of Paris and that she tried to incorporate in her painting for the first time. She is the one who gave the title of her exhibition in Paris, Orange Glow.






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