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Exhibition"Silice et crustacés" by Julie Legrand & Michi Suzuki

July 11, 2018


From July 12 to 28, Kosa Gallery presents an exhibition that takes you on vacation!


For this summer exhibition at the KOSA gallery, Julie Legrand and Michi Suziki unite their respective worlds to propose the first step of a collaboration between two designers using the same tool, the glassblower, but in a very different way. Michi Suzuki comes from the Japanese glass tradition and brings to the paroxysm the challenge of the interior of the pointillist pearl, while Julie Legrand, from Western contemporary art and self-taught in the work of glass, sublimates this material by making it to grow and vibrate according to your emotions and the places that welcome you.




"The glass tempers the summer heat, it transmits to the one who wears it a sweet freshness. This exhibition is for me an opportunity to dive into the summer with colorful glass accessories, thin and light" Michi Suzuki


"Fruit trees with crystals, pavement anemones, industrial sponges, ... Michi's proposal to work on summer, beach and sea, led me to summon the marvelous, the bodies, the nudity and the lightness of the holidays but also to ogle to the oil and the plastic whose balls would constitute currently 30% of the sand of our beaches." Julie Legrand





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