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Stardust Kyoto's first shop in Paris : May 24th - June 10th

May 16, 2018

The Parisian gallery Kōsa is pleased to invite the STARDUST store in Kyoto from May 24th to June 10th.

A complete immersion in contemporary Japanese culture and craftsmanship.

Kana, the founder, leads us into her enchanted world made of ceramic objects, wood, paper, jewelry, accessories and sustainable fashion.


On Friday, May 25th, come to the launch of this ephemeral shop, and discover for the occasion the "Nara Food Caravan Project" with a projection of the movie "An Empty Vessel" Ninomiya Hiroo and a culinary installation by Masayo Funakoshi.


Who is Stardust?


In 2014, Kana opens a café / shop a little away from the center of Kyoto, in a Machiya (town wooden house).


She will name it Stardust with reference to this quote: "As we follow the cells that form the human body to elementary particle levels, it is the same ingredient that constitutes the forms the star. That's why humans are also stardust. "


Each selected object seems imbued with a magical and mysterious aura. Here, we discover the full extent of Japanese know-how in creation and crafts.


Stardust Kyoto is today a reference and is one of the fifty best Japanese shops to discover in 2017 according to Casa Brutus magazine.



Who is "Nara Food Caravan"?


Led by renowned chef Masayo Fukanoshi from all over the world, the Nara Food Caravan is a collective based in Nara, the former capital of Japan, between 710 and 784, and the last leg of the Silk Road.

Seeking to associate anthropology and culinary history, Masayo merges the cuisine of different cultures around the world. The "Food Caravan Project" presents this work in pictures.


Her Farmoon studio includes a private restaurant, cafe and culinary residence in Kyoto and Masayo develops activities combining sustainable cooking, culture, art and design in Japan and abroad.


For the launch of the ephemeral boutique Stardust, Masayo will offer a culinary installation on the theme of the meeting of two historic capitals, Paris and Nara.





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