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In the heart of the Parisian High Marais, between the lively Rue de Bretagne and the sumptuous Carreau du Temple, a new space is created:

The Kōsa Gallery.

Kōsa, in Japanese, means crossing, encounter.

This is the starting point of our history.

Multiple space, it aims to highlight the exchanges between France and Japan around art and design. 


Through various activities, we, above all, want to create encounters.


- Ephemeral shops. We put our space at the service of Japanese and French creators, who present their contemporary creations and meet the Parisian public.

- The gallery. We select and invite artists to come and animate our space by organizing exhibitions. We also prioritize Japanese artists or influenced by Japan, but we also allow ourselves to open the gallery from time to time to artists from different backgrounds.


- The Sozai library. Within the gallery, a space is reserved for the presentation of Japanese materials, both traditional by their techniques of manufacture and contemporary for their applications. They are presented to French and European architects and designers.


- Editing objects. We aim to develop a collection of objects under the Kōsa label. The idea is to entrust to young and promising French designers the conception of an object from a Japanese material of our material library. And then continue exchanges between Japanese and French craftsmen for the manufacture of these objects.


- Rental of the gallery. Many Japanese fashion or design houses wish to present their collections at major Parisian events. We propose to rent them our space, thus making them benefit from our exceptional location, in the heart of Paris fashion week.


We engage all these activities within the Gallery Kōsa and hope to create many Franco-Japanese exchanges.